Cookie Policy

Clarification on the use of web cookies

A cookie is a short text sent by the website you visit to the web browser. This makes it easier for the website to remember your user settings (e.g. language settings) and greatly simplifies your subsequent visits to the website. The cookies, therefore, simplify web browsing while facilitating faster and more streamlined user experience. They are utilized by the vast majority of websites.

To help you decide how to handle cookies, we have prepared additional explanatory information. Please bear in mind that by using the website and supporting services you consent to the use of cookies.

Types of cookies

Cookies may be described as some kind of files created by the website you visit that are used to save data, ensuring that your subsequent visits provide you with a significantly improved and faster user experience. We distinguish between the following two types of cookies:

Session cookies are created only temporarily and record the data during your browsing. Once you close your browser window, the cookies are deleted.

Persistent cookies remain on your computer or any other device and are activated every time you visit a website.

Which persistent cookies are used by our website?

Cookie Name Cookie Duration Cookie Description Cookie Issuer
_ga Two years from installation/update Records website traffic statistics  
_gat Ten minutes from installation/update Records a new user or a new session  
_gid 24 hours from installation/update Monitors the user’s path on the website  
NID  Six months from installation/update Identifies the user and monitors the reCAPTCHA functionality  
Cookies One year from installation/update Records the status of accepted cookies
Statistics One year from installation/update Either records the status or the user consents to the compilation of statistical data

Cookie settings

All browsers enable you to manage the use of cookies. We have compiled instructions for how to manage the cookies settings in your browser of choice:

Microsoft Internet Explorer: Start button > Internet Explorer > Tools > Internet Options > Privacy > Settings

Mozilla Firefox: Firefox menu > Preferences > Privacy

Google Chrome: Chrome menu > Settings > Show advanced settings > Privacy > Content settings > Cookies

Apple Safari: Safari > Preferences > Security

Opera: Opera > Preferences > Advanced > Network

If you opt to delete or block cookies, some websites or their functions may not operate properly or with the same efficiency. You are going to receive a cookies notification upon every visit.

In the event that you upgrade your browser or device, you must reconfigure the cookies settings.

More information on legislation and the use of cookies may be found on the following website: