Privacy Policy

Thank you for visiting our web pages. The protection of your data is important to us. Therefore, besides providing high-quality content we also give you the possibility to claim your right and decide about the use of your personal data. This policy describes how the Controller may collect, store or process the personal data submitted and collected by their users.

The Controller who collects your personal data is

AKCS d.o.o., Ulica Gorenjskega odreda 6, 4000 Kranj, Slovenia. The Data Protection Officer for personal data can be reached at +386 (0)41 81 02 21 or via e-mail at As a receiver or user, I hereby give my permission to the Controller to collect, process and store my submitted personal data in accordance with applicable laws on Personal Data Protection.

Categories of Personal Data that are being collected

Information collected by the Controller is as follows:
– Your e-mail address
– Your name and surname as well as title or gender for the purpose of creating personalized emails
– The name of your company
– Your postal address
– Your mobile phone number
– Your past inquiries, purchases, receipts, additional requests

The Purposes of Processing Your Personal Data

AKCS d.o.o. – the Controller – will use the data acquired for the following purposes only:
– For communication purposes regarding your subscription or (pre)contractual relationship
– To organize prize competitions
– To notify and send you newsletters, articles, event notifications by email
– For direct marketing and sending offers via email and showing on our website
– For showing personalized adds on advertising platforms (Google, Facebook, Instagram, etc.).

Storage Period

We store your personal data for an indefinite period or until you withdraw your consent to storing and processing your data. After receiving your withdrawal, we will immediately effectively and permanently delete your personal data. If our company seizes to use your data for the purposes stated above for which we store and collect your personal data, we will immediately effectively and permanently delete databases that seized to be used for their purposes.

Personal Data Protection

The Controller will protect the data acquired in accordance with applicable laws on Personal Data Protection and in accordance with their internal acts based on the law. The Controller will ensure appropriate organizational and technical protection measures. The data acquired by the Controller shall not in any way be submitted or revealed to third parties. AKCS d.o.o. takes appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure the protection of personal data. However, no one can guarantee one hundred percent safety when transferring data online.

User Rights

In accordance with the provisions of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) the Controller must in case of a request made by the user:

– Confirm if their data is being processed or not and enable them to see their individual personal data.
– Submit a list of their individual personal data that are being stored
– Enable the user to correct or add their personal data
– Enable deleting a part of or all their personal data
– Enable the free flow of personal data to another supplier of similar services
– Enable withdrawal of their consent to the processing of a part or all their personal data

Your request to withdraw your consent will be accepted and the processing of your personal data stopped by the Controller no later than 15 days after receiving your withdrawal. In case an individual feels that his or her rights have been breached by the Controller in any way, the individual may file a complaint to the supervisory authority (Information Representative of the Republic of Slovenia) at any time. Every user has the possibility to send an email with a request to unsubscribe by replying to any email received.

The Processors and Storage Area

The personal data collected is sent by the Contractor also to their contractual Processors that may process the data in the course of instructions and permissions given by the Controller that is in the written contractual form. The contract between the Collector and Processor binds the Processor to ensure an appropriate level of personal data protection in CRM, email marketing systems and systems for marketing automatization. The personal data collections are kept in the area of EU and are not sent to third countries.
The Controller may send personal data to digital advertising platforms (Google, Facebook, LinkedIn etc.) and use their cookies that enable the Controller to form more detailed segments, showing targeted adds and remarketing. By this, the user will be able to receive more relevant adds through these platforms by the Controller. In this case, a data export to a contractual processor outside EU may occur.

Legal Notice

All content published at are the property of AKCS d.o.o. and subject to copyright protection or another form of intellectual property protection. Without a permission from the company AKCS d.o.o., the content must not be copied, disseminated, or distributed in any other way. It is forbidden to use the content in any form, including, but not limited to, alteration, copying, and publication of any content in its entirety or in parts, unless the controller issues a written authorization. AKCS d.o.o. cannot be held responsible for possible problems with the website’s function. AKCS d.o.o. reserves the right to possible errors and content changes published at The company AKCS d.o.o. will make its best efforts to provide accurate and up-to-date information on the website; however, the user should take note of the fact that all texts are for information purposes only and the company does not guarantee their accuracy or up-to-dateness nor does it assume any liability in this regard. All users use the published content on their own responsibility. The company AKCS d.o.o. shall not be held responsible for any potential issues related to website functionality. AKCS d.o.o. reserves the right to potential errors in terms of the content published on and the right to alter or remove the content of the website at any time regardless of the reason and without prior notice.

AKCS d.o.o.
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