Èṣù Rattle


Featuring a mesh-covered black gourd with black and red beads, our Èṣù rattle is regarded as an object of spiritual significance used to establish communication with the divine.

When used ritualistically, it is giving the authority to our voice to be heard by the universe, facilitating the dialogue with the Òrìṣà Èṣù in order to invoke his support, blessings, and protection.

Our limited-edition Èṣù rattles are handmade by àyàn, the master of talking drums.

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Decorative rattle

Material composition: calabash pumpkin, acrylic beads, nylon trade

Colour: black with black and red beads

Notice: The product is made from a hollowed-out pumpkin, so the products may vary in size and shape. Please note that your product may differ from the product in the photo.

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